Feature request

These features are the requested ones from many Form Xpress users.
If you have any, please feel free to write us to mSurfLab@gmail.com
We will be more than happy to include yours here.

there is no search for author option in the Amazon search screen.  Only isbn and title.  But sometimes I know what the author is but can't remember the title till I see it.

It would be great to have the ability to populate the thumbnails on CSV imports via Amazon

1. cloud storage of inventory database, (preferably leverage on Dropbox or Google cloud free public space);
2. Amazon search include amazon.fr and amazon.cn 

Bulk import: If I have a list of EAN/UPC numbers for my books in a CSV file from a previous application, how, after using the CSV import, can I individually, or indeed in bulk, use the EAN/UPC lookup to populate all the other info fields?

I don't see any option for connecting a Bluetooth barcode scanner

All the authors need to be imported from Amazon.   I would like to have all the information necessary to cite the book in a bibliography.   I believe that there are standard formats used by citation software such as Endnote5.  That would be really nice! 

Can I see all my books as thumbnails on my application home screen? 

I have over 1000 kindle books I'd like to add. Can i export my kindle library list?

Want to see tutorial for very beginner. < Add "How to start" help.

Add blogger export

Import spreadsheet

Initialize value for certain entry fields